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What Do I Need To Know When Buying a Persian Cat?  See Below:

What to Look For in Buying a Persian Cat

Persian cats, those wonderful gloriously-maned creatures, were brought from the Middle East by traders. Wagons traveled to western Europe with ware, jewels, gold, and carpets but what really attracted the eye of the European was none other than the beautiful Persian cat.  Of unparalleled beauty, the Persian cat is and was a sight to behold. But deep within the nature of a Persian cat can lie a temperament that can be slightly difficult to manage, yet once you capture the heart of your Persian, it is yours forever to keep. The things which are valuable to a person considering a Persian cat are the following:

  • Color: It can be difficult to procure the color of kitten you desire most. Greys and beige colors seem to be most popular along with white. I get a lot of prospective buyers wanting white Persian kittens, but it may take you awhile.

  • CFA breed registration: Remember, it's not a Persian cat, unless it is CFA registered. This means that the bloodline has been determined and established. If you buy a kitten, make sure to register your cat right away.

  • Grooming: Persian cats require daily brushing. Some Persian cats have very, very coarse fur; others are not as coarse but they have a lot of it, and it can become tangled very easily. We presently have a Persian cat whose coat is beautiful but does not require daily brushing. She never gets mats or the like. It just depends on the Persian kitten. If you are finding lots of lots of mats, then you will definitely need to comb it more often.

  • Hair balls or fur balls: Persian cats also development hair balls as a result of having long coats and daily self-grooming. Some cats, even shorthairs, just seem to have tender tummies, and when too much hair collects in the stomach rather than passing out through the gut, it irritates the stomach lining and the cat has a hairball coming back out through the mouth onto the floor instead of out the rear-end into the litter box. Do you know the correct medical term for this? It is "trichobezoar." There are several different kind of hairball remedies that you can purchase over the counter at any pet store to help remedy this. If you find your cat starting to throw up hair balls constantly and daily, then you probably will need to purchase some of this medication. They actually love it, and when given consistently, approximately one or two times a week, it can actually stop the hairballs.

  • Cost: Persian cats can be very expensive! A typical breeder can charge up to $2000 or more for a healthy Persian kitten. Our prices are very reasonable.

  • Bathing: Ideally, Persians require monthly baths. In some cases, a degreaser is used. There are apparently some people using baby powders to take away oils and untangle knots. When shampooing your Persian kitten, use a regular pet shampoo, not a human shampoo, and be sure to use a shampoo with conditioner. It makes combing the fur later a bit easier and the soap is rinsed somewhat easier. I have found that these beautiful cats need help in keeping their fur clean, so bathing actually is a  must and sometimes more than monthly is required. It depends on the cat. Be sure to buy the appropriate combs for grooming a Persian kitten. A pet store can help you with determining the appropriate comb or brush.

  • Expected grooming costs: Even if you brush your Persian cat daily, you may find, depending on the difficulty of fur, that you have to bring your Persian to the groomers every so often, and it can be a bit expensive.

  • Flat-faced vs Traditional-faced Persians: There are two types of Persian: flat-faced and traditional doll faced. The CFA standard for show quality at this time uses the flat-faced Persian cat. Both varieties are extremely beautiful. It just depends on what you want. 

  • Persian eye and nasal drainage: Flat-faced Persians are cute, but they can have serious eye drainage around their faces, as well as nasal stuffiness. Some flat-faced Persians face health issues in the long run. Traditional doll-faced Persian cats have more of a normal nose structure, so you might not notice as much eye and nasal drainage, and they really are the healthier breed; however, CFA does not recognize the traditional or doll faced kind for show quality and uses only the flat-faced Persian. Both cats will require cleaning though, so you should just expect it. There are many types of stain removal items in pets stores to help you with this.

  • Persians as indoor cats: Persian are one of the most domesticated of all cats. They should not be outdoors cats. They were owned by kings and concubines and deserve a quiet life, such as they were raised for. They were bred as ornamental cats, not cats for the outdoors. If left to roam outdoors, their beautiful coats would not stay beautiful for long. They are such sweet cats that it would be a shame to push them outside with strangers, and because of their facial structure, they would be more prone to infection, etc. I personally consider this to be very mean and irresponsible, as these cats do much better when kept indoors and they are much more content and happy. They are people cats and love people, not meant to roam outside with other cats and become prone to so many things not meant for them.

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