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The Cat Fanciers' Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1906, after breaking ties with the American Cat Association.  By 1920, CFA was on its way to becoming the largest registry of pedigreed cats that it is today.

The CatChannel gives you quick tips for happy cats, food recall info, news alerts, and best behavior advice. Click on the link to the left to read more!

Read about UF researchers who report that cats could be the key to  human HIV vaccine. Click on the link to find out more.....This is from the College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Florida.

Read this GREAT ARTICLE on feeding older cats from ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty).

The American Cat Fanciers Association contains a wealth of information from cat articles by experts to breed stands to show schedules to organizational rules and forms. It is a great site. Click to the left to find out more.

This is a breedery located in Phoenix, Arizona, PresciousPomsNPersians who occasionally breed sell Persian cats and Pomeranians. They also do breed rescue for Persians, Himalayan's, Exotics, and Pomeranians. Click on the link to the left and take a look around this awesome sight to see what they have to offer. You can be sure you will find superior quality in the breeding that they do undertake for these precious animals.

Persian Kitten Empire

Looking for Persian Kitten?  Persian Kitten Empire is the biggest and most respected Persian and Himalayan Cat Breeder Directory in the World. Their breeders are in 66 Countries, yet they are LOCAL. Persian Kitten Empire is the easy way to find a local Persian Cat Breeder near you. They are proud to the best connection between a local Persian Cat Breeder and local customer. Please check out Persian Kittens for Sale.

Are you looking for a new pet?  Check this website out, Their pet classifieds are FREE TO SEARCH.

There is a site that is interested in spreading information about the wonderful Persian cat breed. Click on Persian Cat Guide. is a wonderful web site specializing in Himalayan Persians. Click HERE to find out more!
Cat Lovers Gifts Guide - Your Guide to Cat Lovers Gifts. Click HERE.

Dr. Foster And Smith - Switching to a different cat food? Find out how to do this. Click HERE.

WebMd - Neat Article on why cats purr. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Love Meow - This is a cat blog dedicated to spreading the message of love for all our furry friends. They often help local shelters and rescue groups get their word out and encourage more to consider adoption. Giving a little kitty a second chance at life is incredibly rewarding. Click HERE. launched in 1998 and since then, has built a community of thousands from all over the world, who interact with one another in a family-friendly forum. They are proud to offer visitors educational and entertaining content, such as the Gallery and resources on Showing, Breeding, and Persian ownership. Registered users may enjoy access to Forum, Chat Room, Private Messaging, and more!
Click on the name to the left to find the PERFECT Persian kitten name for your sweet addition. You can view the full meaning of the name and rate how you like or dislike it, too!

Great cat site if you are looking for more information on these wonderful Persian cats, all kinds of information here, headquartered in San Francisco. Check it out!

This is a great cat breeder referral, which includes Persian cat breeder referrals.
Chocolate & Lilac kittens, cat lovers, chocoholics, chocolate Persian breeders other cat breeds to a unique source for those with a fancy for cats in the chocolate rainbow - chocolate, lilac, and all their variations! Check this out!
Cat gift ideas website. There are some really cute things here to look at especially for Persian kittens.  Click to find out!
Kittens For Sale - Cats For Sale - Cat Breeders - Cat breeders largest cat breeder directory listing cat breeds, kittens for sale and cats for sale.
This is a great Persian cat website.  Check it out!!
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