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PURCHASING A PERSIAN KITTEN, PersiansAZ, Apache Junction, Arizona

***NOTE: SEE BELOW for making a deposit on a Persian Kitten at PersiansAZ, Apache Junction, Arizona. Please follow the instructions below.

PRICING/PAYMENT. We use Venmo, Facebook Messenger, Google Pay, PayPal, Zelle,  etc.,  or cash if you live locally and want to pay with cash. We are requiring a nontransferrable/nonrefundable $300 deposit to reserve one of our kittens. Instructions for doing this are below, so please make sure you want this kitten.


Our kittens tend to sell quite quickly, so placing a deposit and reserving your Persian kitten is the quickest way to get  your kitten reserved before anyone else comes along to buy it. 

Full purchase price of our kittens as a pet only without breeding rights is about $1100 to $1300 depending on the kitten.

SHIPPING.  We will ship only within the United States via courier at this time.  Major airlines will not allow shipment of Persian kittens any longer. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, not the Breeder. For shipping information, please go HERE.